Are you eager to invest in real estate, but are not really sure where to begin? Are you currently a real estate investor who wants to optimize your portfolio and align your strategy with your life goals?

Our Real Estate Investment Coaching Program is tailored to guide you through your current challenges and put you on your success path.

Our coaching program has helped guide clients through decisions about whether to sell or rent a property, how to underwrite deals, whether to invest in a particular market, what kind of property to search for, how to determine if their current portfolio needs to change, whether to transition their property portfolio into other asset types, and so much more.

Why choose our real estate investment coaching?

Caitlin achieved financial freedom through her real estate portfolio at the age of 35. She started out house-hacking and then built a side hustle investing in single-family, and then multi-family properties. She has short-term and long-term rentals, land, commercial, and small business investments. She has used 1031 exchanges and self-financing to accelerate the growth of her portfolio. With her real estate investing, she has deepened her financial literacy and expertise in paper assets and private equity. She believes there is no such thing as a linear real estate investing journey. Everyone's circumstances make for very unique strategies. Caitlin's creativity and open-mindedness provide an excellent pairing to her investing expertise and translate to a transformative experience for her clients.

This is a one-hour, one-on-one session with Caitlin. Upon purchase, you will be directed to the scheduling page to schedule your coaching session.